Delivery Information

We partner with Dakota Shed Haulers, LLC for your building delivery. We deliver anywhere, any place – provided that there is a way to get there. It is common for us to haul more than one building at a time when delivering sheds. If you think this will cause a problem with the installation of your building, please mention it to us when you are scheduling your delivery.

Our General Rate delivery prices:

We deliver 100 miles from our shop free of charge. Beyond that, there is a $3.95 per mile charge, one way. Beyond the 20 mile radius of the display lots, there is a $3.95 per mile charge, one way.

How to Prepare for your Building

1. You should consider if there is enough room for the truck and trailer to maneuver to the building site. Our truck and trailer combination is approximately 45’ long and full 8’ wide. To get an idea about how much room it will take to maneuver, imagine a long pickup pulling a large boat. 2. Think about septic tanks, power lines, shrubbery, trees and tree limbs. Often the buliding appears larger on the trailer in your yard than it does on the ground at the lot. Many buildings are 13’ 6” tall on the trailer. 3. You need to decide what kind of foundation to use. There are three ways in which you can prepare your foundation.
  • We prefer sites that are prepared on a perfectly flat gravel pad. It is economical, and the whole building rests on the ground rather than blocks, and distrib- utes the weight evenly. Also when the building is on a gravel pad, the step up into the building is not as high as it would be if the building were on blocks.
  • The second option is to use blocks similar to those used for mobile homes. (We do not recommend blocking buildings larger than 12’ x 16’).
  •  The third option would be to build a concrete pad the size of the shed.
To build a gravel pad you can follow these instructions.
  • Remove 4 to 6 inches of sod from the entire site.
  • Fill the newly dug site with at least 4 inches of crushed gravel.
  • Use 4×4 pressure treated lumber to create a border around the pad. (optional)