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Storage Ideas & Shed Options For Small Backyards

If you need outdoor storage, but your backyard seems too small for a shed, there are creative options to consider. If you have— Handtools A small grill Shovels Gardening tools A ladder A hose Potting soil Flower pots Sports equipment Camping gear Reel Self-propelled lawn mover Patio cushions A bicycle Fans You can—

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Storage Unit Rental, DIY Shed Kit, Or Pre-Built Shed—Which Is Best For You?

Here are bullet point lists of pros and cons. Start here before you decide on a storage option. Here are some pros and cons to renting a storage unit, building a DIY shed kit, and buying a pre-built shed—they're laid out in simple, easy-to-read lists. After considering these points, you should have a better idea of which best suits your situation.

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