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4 Reasons Our Man Cave Shed Makes the Perfect Backyard Escape

Need an oasis to escape to but don’t have the room in your house? Get one of our Man Cave shed packages today. Did you know that man caves are actually good for men’s health? Yes, we know it sounds fishy but it’s science! Find your perfect solution to outfitting your very own man cave shed with us today. There are so many different reasons why you need a man cave shed. Don’t take up vital room in your house – have your awaiting oasis just feet away in your very own backyard. Already have a garage man cave? Why stay in a cold and drafty garage when you outfit a shed to meet all of your man cave needs? Our sheds can be insulated to protect against the cold and heat.

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Practical Backyard Shed Lighting Ideas

Are you looking for creative lighting solutions for both your backyard and your shed? We have some ideas—including battery, solar, and electrical options. Whether you need light inside your shed so that you can work anytime (night or day), need a way to illuminate the perimeter of your home for security purposes, or are simply looking to create a warm ambiance, here are some ideas to consider.

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8 Must-Haves For A Great Backyard

If you enjoy outdoor living, here are ideas for making your backyard as comfortable, inviting, and useful as possible. This post was last revised on July 24, 2018. Summer is in full swing, but it's the fall items and autumn decorations that are getting the hard push. You can't go into a store without seeing pumpkin spice coffee, Halloween yard inflatables, vanilla spice candles, and insulated outerwear. While stores are selling for the colder weather, now is the time to buy summer items at a steal. If you've been eyeing up some new patio lights or front porch rockers, now is your chance to snag a deal.  As you shop for your summer savings, consider adding these eight must-have items to shopping list. 

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Get Shed Pests Under Control

Get Shed Pests Under Control Do pesky spiders, ants, pine beetles, wasps, and rodents like hanging around your shed? Perhaps they’ve made your shed their own personal home. Not only can this be a nuisance to you, but it can also contribute to the deterioration of your shed and the items stored inside. If you want to fight off these pests, below are some ideas. It’s time to show them who’s boss!

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