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Backyard Organization Ideas: Tips for Storing Your Outdoor Summer Items

As you start to prepare for fall, and you’re getting ready to put away your summer things, these backyard organization ideas may be helpful. Add these items to your fall to-do list. It’ll help you properly store your summer gear. Summer Clothes Here are some tips for organizing and storing your summer clothes. Launder all articles of clothing before storing. Roll clothing instead of folding; it’s a more efficient packing method. Store your clothing in clear plastic containers so that articles of clothing are easy to locate.

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​When Storage Hacks Just Aren’t Enough—It’s Time for a Storage Shed​

You can try all the storage hacks that the internet serves up, but sometimes the best solution is a storage shed. Have you tried all the storage hacks and DIY storage ideas that you can find on Pinterest for your— Hall Closet Bedroom Closets Cabinets Pantry Attic Basement Spare Room Laundry Room Play Room If you have, you may have discovered that some work like a charm but others don't work well at all. Some may be brilliant while some may have been too idealistic for the real world. If you've done all you can to organize and store your Christmas decorations, sports equipment, outgrown clothing, and more, it may be time to consider a backyard shed.

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​What NOT to Store in an Outdoor Shed​ or Garage

It's important to know what can and cannot be stored in an outdoor shed or garage. There are a ton of items that can be stored in an outdoor storage building, whether a shed or garage. They're both great solutions for keeping things organized, easily accessible, safe, and out of sight. We all have a general idea of what can be stored in a shed or garage—sheds are great for storing ATVs, snowmobiles, motorcycles, and things that don't fit in the house; garages are ideal for vehicles, small boats, and workshop space. It's not often that we think about what can or cannot be stored in an outdoor shed. Here are our Top 8 items that should NOT be stored in an outdoor shed or garage.

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