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A Pair of Pups and a Warm Home

If you need an outdoor dog kennel that has insulated feeding rooms, dog runs, and interior and exterior chain link panels for your two favorite pups, we have double dog kennel options that will fit the bill.


Premium materials create a high-quality product

From roofing to flooring, each kennel is constructed with the highest quality components. Only premium materials are used because we believe the buildings we sell are a representation of our integrity and our commitment to customers.


Quality craftsmanship sets us apart from competitors

We intentionally hire and partner with skilled and trustworthy craftsmen. The dedicated teams who build the products we sell care about the details and the quality. We would never sell a dog kennel that we wouldn’t buy ourselves.


8x14 Double Dog Kennel
With Two 4x6 Insulated Room and Two 4x8 Runs
Wood Lap Siding and Steel Roofing

8x16 Double Dog Kennel
With Two 4x4 Insulated Rooms, 8x4 Feed Room, and Two 4x8 Runs
Wood Lap Siding and Steel Roofing

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Package Features

These specific features are available for this package.

Insulated Room

In addition to leak-resistant roofing and siding, the interior insulated room provides a comfortable, waterproof, and windproof space.



Even though the window allows sunlight and fresh air to come inside, dogs need an area outside where they can stretch and move freely.



LP ProStruct Flooring with SmartFinish is a durable yet attractive overlay that resists decay and warping.

Download a Kennel Collection Catalog 

There are many things to consider when looking for an outdoor dog kennel.

Browse our catalog to learn about available single and double dog kennels—we're sure you'll find the perfect kennel for your needs. Also included in the catalog are sizes, prices, and features for each option. Contact our team when you are ready to invest in your high-quality outdoor dog kennel!

Download Kennel Collection Catalog