We manufacture and sell portable storage buildings, sheds and garages.

Quality Pre-Built and Made-To-Order Sheds and Garages

We have a large selection of quality storage sheds – at a price you can afford and a quality you can’t beat! We have locations in South Dakota, Minnestoa, North Dakota, and more. Want to see a shed today? Find the nearest storage shed display lot, and take a look at what we have to offer.

At Dakota Storage Buildings, our sheds are designed for and most commonly used in backyard storage applications. However there’s no limit to what these buildings can be used for. Many times folks convert these storage buildings into offices, hobby workshops, cabins and you name it!

So once again welcome to our web site, we’ll help you find a building size and style that will work for you! We would be grateful to have the opportunity of servicing you with that old time service of integrity and dependability, and a shed that is built with old school craftsmanship.