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Employment Opportunities

We Value Quality Craftsmanship, Superior Customer Service, and Outstanding Employee Care 

If you're a craftsman who would thrive in a work environment like ours and you meet our skill requirements, we would love to hear from you!


Production Worker

This position is responsible for accurately cutting the required pieces for the floor, the walls and the roof, sheathing of a shed and assembling them to the proper specifications.

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Our Values

To us, our focus is bigger than just making and selling sheds.


Each building is designed to last a lifetime. To validate that value, we offer warranties with each shed and garage we build. We invest in quality products because we know you’re investing in a quality building.

Another reason why we use quality materials is because we believe our buildings are a representation of our craftsmanship and integrity. Plus, premium materials are easier to build with, and they cut down on future maintenance.

We would never sell you a storage building that we wouldn’t buy ourselves or recommend to our grown children. We want to be as mindful about your purchase as we would about our own.

We invite you to visit a display lot near you to see our sheds first hand. Walk around buildings as well as inside of them to inspect the flooring, siding, features, and more. We want you to experience the quality of our sheds and to glean ideas for your own.


Our goal is to constantly and consistently exceed customer expectations from website window shopping to post-delivery follow up. If you can easily navigate our website, find the shed that will solve your storage problem, and experience helpful and considerate interactions with our team, then we know we’re on the right track.

We don’t think anyone should invest in a shed or garage without adequate help. No matter what organizational or storage problem you have, our team will help you determine the best solution. For help, you can message us on Facebook, read our helpful blog full of insights into the shed buying process, shed placement ideas, tips for shed maintenance and more, or you can call our office to speak to our full-time customer service staff member that’s always ready and delighted to help.


We treat everyone the way we want to be treated. That’s why we always listen to shoppers, offer honest feedback, give valuable advice—and all with a smile. That’s also why we deliver on time—because we respect your time, plans, and expectations.

Hard Work

We apply ourselves to our work with diligence, exerting our strengths and skills in all we do. Beyond creating skillfully crafted storage buildings, we continually strive to improve ourselves personally and professionally.


We’re always looking for ways to improve which means we’re open to change for the betterment of enhanced value to our products and customers. We desire to always be looking for ways to simplify the shopping and buying process and elevate user experience. That’s one reason why we’ve introduced expertly designed shed and garage packages and an easy-to-use online configuration tool. You can either choose a package that suits your needs or create your own building from top to bottom, inside to outside.