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What are Display Lots?

We exhibit a variety of storage buildings and sheds for sale in various display locations across Minnesota and South Dakota. We do this so that those who are in the market for a shed can see our products firsthand. From dimensions to styles to quality features, we encourage every shed-shopper to visit one (or more!) of our shed display lots before buying one.

Each of our conveniently located shed lots have between 5-7 storage buildings on display and open to the public. Each lot has our latest catalog, product pamphlets, and shed spec brochures. The sheds display lots are unattended, so each visitor is invited to call us or visit our website for more information, answers to questions, and order placement.

4 Reasons to Host a Shed Display Lot on Your Property

Why would someone want to host a display lot on their business property? Here are four reasons to consider.

  1. It provides extra income. We pay rent for the land that we use. We always negotiate terms with each inquiring business that can meet our space and need requirements. If you have unused acreage that you’d like to turn a profit on, this would be a great option for you.
  2. It supports local business. We all know that local business helps communities thrive both socially and economically. When you support a local manufacturing company like ours, you’re supporting the growth of the local neighborhood, town, and state.
  3. We do all the work. We’ll keep the lot well manicured and maintained. You won’t have to worry about extra landscaping costs or the space becoming overgrown or unattractive. We closely monitor it and keep it looking nice all year round.
  4. It’s free advertising. When people come to visit one of our lots on your property, it’s free exposure. No matter what your business industry is, the more people who see your business, the more they’ll become familiar with your brand and may even want to learn about your products or service.

Contact Us if You Want to Host a Display Lot

To learn more about our shed display lot program, contact us by completing the form on this page. We look forward to partnering with you!

Complete this form if you’re interested in hosting a display lot on your property.

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