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You can trust that we’ll go the extra mile to ensure your building meets the highest standards.

Your Fully-Inspected Building

We understand that you want the best building for your money — and we do everything in our power to deliver that. When you buy from us, you never need to worry about poor construction or craftsmanship. We always use quality material and construct each building with care. Before any building leaves our shop, we inspect it thoroughly. Our inspectors work from a checklist to ensure no component or detail is overlooked. You can trust that each building we manufacture meets our high-quality standards and is worth every invested dollar.

Your Fully-Inspected Building

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Our team will conduct a thorough checklist-based inspection of your building from top to bottom.

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You’ll get a Building Quality Certificate that assures your building has been inspected and meets our high standards.

Inspection & Certification of Your Building

Because we value your business, all buildings manufactured by Dakota Storage Buildings, LLC are inspected thoroughly using a checklist that addresses each component of your building from floor to roof and siding to wall studs.

It’s important to us that we meet your expectations as well as our quality standards. That’s why we conduct inspections on every building before they leave our shop. Because of its thorough nature, the checklist we created for our quality inspections sets us miles apart from other manufacturers.

Upon receiving your building’s Quality Assurance Certificate, you can feel confident that your building is Dakota-certified.

Our Inspection & Certification of Your Building