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Dakota Storage Building Features


Single Prehung Steel Doors

Add a 4Ever Frame prehung steel door with or without windows to any shed or garage.

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CertainTeed® NorthGate® SBS Shingles

These weatherproof and impact-resistant asphalt shingles are unmatched by any other in the industry.

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Wooden Double Doors

Wooden double doors are available for any building but come standard on our Basic Backyard Shed.

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Standard Window

Our standard single windows provide ventilation and allow in natural sunlight.

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Pressure-Treated Floor Joists

We use pressure-treated wood floor joists to prevent rot, warping, and pest damage.

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4×4" Pressure Treated Skids

Pressure-treated skids are protected from rot and increase the lifespan of buildings.

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LP® SmartSide® Lap Siding

This engineered wood lap siding is an attractive and low-maintenance option for sheds and garages.

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Twitter-LP Flooring

LP® ProStruct Flooring with SmartFinish & Polyurea Coating

This easy-to-clean flooring uses LP’s proprietary process to resist decay and warping.

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16” On-Center Framing

We place 2’x4’ shed and garage wall studs 16” apart from one another for structural integrity.

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LP® SmartSide® Panel Siding

LP’s engineered panel siding is an attractive and low-maintenance option for sheds and garages. 

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Epilay® ProtecTite® Superior Roofing Underlayment

For greater protection from the elements, choosing a synthetic roofing underlayment like Epilay® ProtecTite® Superior is far better than felt.

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Fiberglass Double Doors

Our insulated double fiberglass doors are perfect for any shed and are built to resist twisting, warping, and rot.

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CertainTeed® Mainstreet™ Dutch Lap Vinyl Siding

This vinyl siding features flat overlapping panels, a shiplap joint, and decorative grooves.

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Built-in Loft

Add one or two 4-foot-deep lofts to your shed or garage for extra overhead storage space.

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Clopay® Premium Series Garage Doors

Our garages come with Clopay Premium Series overhead garage doors that operate smoothly and save energy.

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Flower Boxes

Our decorative flower boxes add character and personality to any shed or garage.

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Window Shutters

Our vinyl window shutters serve as an attractive visual accent, turning any shed or garage into a homey retreat.

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Spray Foam Insulation

Our spray foam fills every crack and crevice, creating impenetrable insulation.

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OSB Roof & Wall Sheathing

Roof and wall sheathing strengthens the roof and wall system and boosts insulation.

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Ridge Vent

Our ridge vent helps heat escape through the roof and keeps air circulating in hot weather.

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2×6" Pressure Treated Floor Joists

The floor joists are pressure treated because they are close to ground. The treated wood is protected...

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Long Creek Steel’s Tuff Rib Roofing

This steel panel roofing is engineered to provide superior performance and protection.

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Basic Porch

Get more functional space by adding our Basic Porch to your shed.

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Gable Vent

Gable vents offer vital cross-ventilation, which supports the structural integrity of buildings.

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LP® ProStruct® Roof Sheathing with SilverTech

This highly-reflective roof sheathing brightens a building's interior and reduces the sun's radiant heat.

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Epilay® ProtecTite® Superior Roofing Underlayment

Epilay® ProtecTite® Superior Roofing Underlayment with its advanced engineering is highly recommended...

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Insulated Windows

Our insulated vinyl windows are rot-resistant and feature energy-efficient double pane glass.

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Roseburg RigidCoat Subfloor Underlayment

This tongue & groove subfloor application is engineered to be durable, strong, and water-repellent.

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LP® SmartSide® Panel with SilverTech

These highly-reflective walls brighten a building's interior and reduce the sun's radiant heat.

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Aquacron® Paint Stain

PPG Aquacron® 200 Urethane

This acrylic urethane enamel topcoat offers resilient exterior performance and long-term color stability.

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MiraTEC® Color Contrast Trim Package

This trim combines the eye-catching beauty of authentic wood grain with the long-lasting performance of an engineered product.

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Metal Railing

Metal Railing

Made from powder-coated aluminum, TimberTech aluminum railing delivers a durable, corrosion-resistant design...

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Accessibility Ramps

Reduce the risk of accidents, equipment damage, and personal injury with our secure ramps.

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A dormer provides an alternative way for sunlight to filter into a shed or garage.

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Long Creek’s Tuff Rib Steel Siding

Long Creek Steel's Tuff Rib panel siding is engineered to provide superior performance and protection.

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Cane Bolt

Our metal cane bolt can be used to keep doors either open or closed. To prop open...

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Coop Nesting Boxes

Nesting boxes provide a clean, safe, and dedicated space for hens to nest and lay eggs.

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Sherwin-Williams SuperPaint®

This paint and primer in one has a smooth appearance and creates a lasting finish that holds up to the elements.

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Coop Run

Coops with fenced-in runs give chickens space to move and forage safely outdoors.

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Coop Roost

Sturdy coop roosts give Chickens a place to sleep up and off the ground at night.

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LP® TechShield Roofing Sheathing with Radiant Barrier

This roof sheathing blocks up to 97% of radiant heat transfer, keeping coop and kennel temps regulated.

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Coop Ramp

A pleated wood ramp at just the right angle makes it safer and easier for the hens to get into and...

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Coop Door

Chicken doors provide safety for chickens inside the coop by keeping predators out.

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Insulated Kennel Room

A fiberglass door gives owners easy access to the interior of the coop for cleaning, egg collecting, and more.

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Kennel Feed Room

Having a separate kennel feed room keeps food mess in one contained space.

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Kennel Deck Enclosure Wire Fence Panels

This sturdy fencing is safe for dogs yet strong enough to withstand the elements and regular daily use...

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Single Fiberglass Door

A fiberglass door gives owners easy access to the interior of the kennel.

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Kennel Door

The plexiglass kennel door gives dogs reliable access to their outdoor run.

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Kennel Run

A secure and easy-to-clean poly deck runs with wire fencing to give dogs access to fresh air.

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Cottage Porch

Gain visual appeal and more functional space by adding a wraparound porch to your shed.

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LP® ProStruct Flooring with SmartFinish® & Epoxy Finish

This easy-to-clean coop flooring uses LP’s proprietary process to resist decay and warping.

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Let more natural light into your shed or garage with unbreakable polycarbonate skylights.

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Coop Roost

Sturdy coop roosts give Chickens a place to sleep up and off the ground at night.

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Electrical Package

Adding an electrical package provides greater practicality and functionality.

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Pressure-Treated Plywood Flooring

Pressure-treated plywood flooring resists rot, warping, and decay for a lifetime.

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Transom Windows

Located above doors, transom windows are great for letting in natural light while protecting privacy.

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Standard Double Windows

Our standard double windows offer a wider profile, allowing in maximum natural sunlight.

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Add one or more 2’ or 4’ built-in workbenches to use as sturdy tabletop workspaces.

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DRYline Building Wrap

This weather-resistant barrier prevents rain from entering your garage and allows water vapor to escape.

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Huber PerformMAX® Flooring

This engineered wood flooring is manufactured to be stronger and more dimensionally stable than plywood.

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LP® ProStruct Flooring with SmartFinish

Without knots or voids, this durable flooring overlay is beautiful and protects against decay and termites.

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