Ranch Style Storage Buildings: Our Most Popular & Top-Selling Shed and Garage Style

Ranch style storage buildings are beautiful, practical, and versatile.

While all of our storage buildings are high-quality, practical, and versatile, many of our clients prefer our Ranch style sheds and garages. This style is our most popular—and top-selling—storage building. It's easy to understand why.

Our Ranch style storage buildings are beautiful and purposeful. With a 5/12 pitch roofline, this building can blend into any residential neighborhood. The high walls provide ample wall space to hang tools, mount shelves, or store supplies.

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Why Every Male Needs A Man Cave [Infographic]

Man Cave

A Man Cave is a place to relax, display memorabilia, and have fun. Every man needs that.

Did you see Last Man Standing (ABC) episode (Season 5) called, "He Shed, She Shed?" Get it? It's a play on the phrase, "He said, she said..." Clever, right?

Anyway, in this particular episode, Mike (Tim Allen) thinks his wife, Vanessa (Nancy Travis), is using too much of his space at home to do her work, so he builds her a detached building in their backyard that he calls a She Shed. It's supposed to be a place that his wife can call her own and use for work space and hobbies. It turns out that Mike has his eye on the shed, thinking it would make the perfect He Shed. Of course, as the show continues hilarity ensues, as it does in each episode.

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She Shed Ideas That Are Fabulous And Functional

Fabulous and Functional She Shed Ideas

What would you do with a backyard She Shed?

Imagine an entire room that's all yours. You can decorate it however you please, do whatever you want without interruption, and you never have to pick up a mess that someone else created.

You could use the space for any hobby—crafting, scrapbooking, painting, reading, or writing. Really, all that's required is a table, lighting, and some chairs. To truly embrace it, make it comfortable, homey, and personalized by adding area rugs, bookshelves, wall decor, and anything else you can dream up. If you have a porch on your shed, add outdoor curtains, a swing, or a bistro set.

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4 Spring Cleaning Tips For Your Shed And Garage

4 Spring Cleaning Tips For Your Shed And Garage

Are you ready for spring yet? March 20 will be here before you know it!

With spring comes the innate instinct to get out of the house and spend as much time outside as possible. Soaking in fresh air and sunshine becomes a priority. The spring also often leads to the cleaning itch: the need to purge and disinfect closets, storage buildings, homes, and more. Don't fight the urge. Get on the cleaning band wagon! Create a spring cleaning plan now so that when March 20 rolls around, you're ready to go!

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