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Building Permits

How do I apply for a permit?

Always check to see what zoning codes apply to your area. Rural areas are usually more lax, but especially for people who live in cities, towns, or subdivisions, there may be restrictions on size, color, and sometimes even style that have to be approved by a council or business official before ordering. In many places, any building bigger than a small garden shed will require a permit, so it's necessary to check with the local government or your subdivision board.

We understand that pulling permits and checking into zoning is something that you would normally never have to do unless you are a contractor or builder. To make it less complicated, we've helped pull some information for you.

When do I need to have the permit?

If a permit is required, it will be necessary to have it in hand before ordering a building. If the process for getting your permit is delayed, simply have verification from the governing power that proves your intent. This will need to be in place before a deposit is made, and the sales agreement is signed.

According to our policy, once a building is under contract, deposits cannot be refunded. This can create a sticky situation if a city or town doesn't grant a permit or permission for your building. This is one reason why it's easier to check on this with your local municipal before placing an order.

Where do I go for a permit?

The first step is to find your city or town’s website to find out zoning codes and how to pull a permit in that particular county or town, or if you have limited or no internet access to call the local municipality, town hall or county seat.

Internet Search Example:  If you type "Zoning, Milbank SD" in your search engine, one of the first websites to come up is Most towns have pages like these set up for your convenience. If you cannot find the information that you need, call your town hall or local municipality, and they will help you get started on any necessary permits or permissions.

This is usually not a complicated process, though there are sometimes fees attached to pulling permits for which the customer is responsible to pay.

Pro Tip: When applying for a permit be prepared to bring the building specifications ( style, size, color and placement) for them to review if needed

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