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Enclosed Chicken Coop

Ready to enjoy fresh eggs? Give your chickens the best start with a high-quality backyard chicken coop.
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With a distinctive Quaker Gable roofline, interior roost and nesting boxes, and outside run, our Enclosed Chicken Coop makes raising chickens easy and convenient. 

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Easy Maintenance

Easily care for your flock with practical interiors and spacious runs. 


Attractive Look

Functional coops designed to blend seamlessly into any backyard.


Quality Materials

Built with premium materials and expert craftsmanship.

What This Package Includes

How Your Building Is Made

A high-quality building requires the best products, great craftsmanship, and strict quality assurance. Watch this factory tour to learn more about the Dakota Difference.

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Happy Hens Lay Healthy Eggs

Our backyard chicken coops make raising chickens, feeding time, and daily egg collection easy and convenient. The style of our Enclosed Chicken Coop features a distinctive roofline and overhang that offers maximum headroom — for you and your hens.

How It's Built



Premium materials create a high-quality product

From lumber to paint, each coop we sell is made with the highest quality components. Only the best materials are used because we believe the buildings we sell are a representation of our integrity and commitment to customers.



Our craftsmanship sets us apart from competitors

We only hire experienced, skilled, and trustworthy craftsmen. Our team shares core values like paying attention to details and creating a product that's reliable and beautiful. We would never sell you a storage building that we wouldn’t buy ourselves.


Customer Care

From start to finish, customer service matters

When you purchase with us, you can trust that you’re getting a premium coop, a knowledgeable and experienced team of experts, above-and-beyond customer service, honest prices, and flexible delivery.

Your Full Satisfaction — Guaranteed

Quality Inspection

Quality Control Inspection

15-Day Money-Back Seal

15-Day Money-Back Guarantee

Top-to-Bottom Warranties

Top-to-Bottom Limited Warranty

How It's Designed

Both the exterior and interior of all of our chicken coops are constructed with the best materials and built with high-quality craftsmanship. Our coops live up to our motto: Built Well, Built Tough.

BB-Q58 (11)


The exterior of our chicken coops is made of durable and weather-resistant materials. From top to bottom, the coops we sell boast high-quality lumber, roofing, siding, doors, paint, hardware, and more.


The interior of our chicken coops is made of quality materials that are guaranteed to last for years. From nesting boxes to flooring and wall sheathing, the coops we offer will protect your chickens and provide comfortable shelter.

Download Our Catalog

Browse our catalog to learn about available backyard chicken coops — we're sure you'll find the perfect coop for your needs. Also included in the catalog are sizes, prices, and features for each option. 

Download the Catalog
Download Our Catalog

The Perfect Coop for Backyard Chickens

Our Quaker style coop comes in eight sizes. The larger sizes feature six nesting boxes, which are ideal for 24 hens (1 box per every 4 hens). So, if you're looking for a chicken coop for a brood of chickens, we got 'em! Talk to one of our reps to learn more.


Quaker Chicken Coop

Quaker Coop

How It Works

Select Your Building

Select Your Building

Choose a stock building, select a semi-customizable building from one of our Collections, or design a fully-customized building using our online configurator.

Prepare Your Site

Prepare Your Site

After securing a building permit, lay a solid foundation by framing the perimeter, filling it with a base material, leveling it, and then compacting it until its firm.

Schedule Delivery

Schedule Delivery

When your building is ready, we’ll contact you to schedule a delivery time. On delivery day, we'll use a Mule to move your building from the trailer to your desired location.

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