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Your vehicle will last longer if it’s kept in a garage when not in use. Extreme winter conditions can cause annoying, inconvenient, and costly problems that can be easily prevented if vehicles are sheltered. During cold months, batteries can die, essential fluids can freeze, and vehicles can be buried in snow.

Here are 3 reasons why your vehicle wants a garage:

1. A garage will protect it. The exterior of your vehicle will be protected from the elements - including damaging hail, freezing temperatures, and sun damage - when it is parked in a garage.

2. A garage will keep it warm and ready. Parking your vehicle in a garage overnight will help your vehicle to function optimally. For instance, the oil will stay warmer and less viscous which will better lubricate your engine so that it starts easily.

3. A garage will keep it snow-free. While a garage will keep your vehicle from being buried in snow, it will also save you hours of work. When your vehicle is in a garage, there is no need to waste hours shoveling snow or scraping ice off of windows.

In addition to housing your vehicle in your garage, here are some tips for keeping your vehicle running to its fullest potential during the coldest time of the year.