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How to Ensure Your Working Dog is Healthy & Happy [Guide]

Whether you have a farm dog or a hunting dog, ensuring your working dog is healthy and happy will benefit both of you.

How to Ensure Your Working Dog is Healthy & Happy

While dogs make wonderful pets, they also serve in critical roles outside of the home and have for centuries. We tend to think of dogs primarily as friends, companions, or family members, not laborers. The reality is: they can be great pets and workers.

Both hunting dog breeds and farm dog breeds are bred to have incredible stamina and energy that they need for their work. However, even working dogs need more than their DNA to be great at their job — they require mental stimulation, attention, and care.  

While there may be slight differences between breeds, working dogs generally need the same core things: socialization, stimulation, instruction, protection, and nutrition. Download our guide to learn more about each.

Our guide covers:

  • Breed lists for farm dogs and hunting dogs 
  • Pointers for socializing your working dog
  • Tips for keeping your working dog stimulated
  • Ideas for teaching and instructing your dog 
  • Insights into working dog nutrition 
  • Ways to protect your dog from harm and harsh weather
  • Go-to resources for dog owners

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