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Looking for an outdoor dog kennel that has an insulated feeding room, dog run, and exterior chain link panels? Look no further. Our single dog kennel options offer all this and more for your K9.

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Looking for an outdoor kennel suitable for both of your dogs? We have double dog kennels that offer a range of features, including double insulated rooms, a common feed room, and outdoor dog runs.

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Browse our catalog to learn about available single and double dog kennels — we're sure you'll find the perfect kennel for your needs. Also included in the catalog are sizes, prices, and features for each option. Contact our team when you are ready to invest in your high-quality outdoor dog kennel!

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Browse our Kennel Collection. Explore the single and double dog kennel options that we offer. Learn about key features like the insulated feed room and outdoor runs.

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If you're not sure which kennel is the best for your dog, download our guide, Evaluating the Best-fit Outdoor Dog Kennel for Your Dog Guide for selection insights.

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Visit our online inventory. Be sure to filter by location and sort by type to see available stock dog kennels. If one catches your eye, click on it to learn more or proceed to checkout.