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Storage Building Delivery

On-Site Construction

All of the Dakota Storage buildings can be built on-site rather than delivering a full-size shed or garage to your property. When you choose the on-site building option, all specifications of the building stay the same. We prefabricate the building in our factory and then transport the sections to complete* the project on your property.

Two Main Reasons for On-Site Shed/Garage Building

Property Limitations

Many properties have layouts that do not allow for the delivery of a pre-built storage building. You may have a spacious backyard with a narrow side yard, or you may want your new shed placed in a certain corner of your property that is not easily accessible.

Cement Foundation

The other big reason for choosing the on-site building option is if you want a cement foundation for your new storage building. Cement flooring can be preferable to wood flooring if you are planning on storing and working on vehicles in your new garage. You will need to have your cement foundation in place before delivery so that our team can incorporate your existing base into the assembly of the rest of your new shed or garage.

We are happy to answer any questions that you may have, and you can request a quote or give us a call so that we can go over further details for the on-site building option.

*With the on-site building option, we supply you with the paint of your choice; however, we do not apply the paint after assembly.