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There's a lot to consider when shopping for a new shed.


If your monthly budget is tight, your living condition is temporary, or you simply need a convenient short-term storage solution, renting a shed is a winning idea. Plus, you won't waste fuel driving back and forth from an overpriced rental unit. Having a shed delivered to you is convenient and easy.

Our Rental Process page breaks the process down simply—but a printable checklist helps you keep track of where you are in the process.

Our checklist includes:

  • Instructions from shed selection to check out
  • Insight into what you need to complete required forms
  • Information on how to find rental sheds near you
  • Directions for forms that need to be completed and  agreements that need to be reviewed
  • And more

Get this easy-to-follow checklist to stay on top of the rental process. Fill out the form to download your checklist today.

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