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ATV | Motorcycle | Dirt Bike - Storage Buildings

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ATV | Motorcycle Storage

It’s best for your ATV, motorcycle, or dirt bike to be stored indoors. Not only does keeping these vehicles inside a storage building shelter them from the elements, but it also provides security and optimal work space.

Customize your own ATV or motorcycle storage building or start with our suggestions below, then when you're ready, get a free quote!


While we offer Ranch, Low Barn, and High Barn styles, we think our High Barn Garage package is an excellent choice for this purpose.

  • High Barn Garage Building - Our High Barn Garage Building boasts a classic and traditional look. Additionally, it's roof, with two slopes on each side of the ridge, has a steeper and lower slope which provides extra headroom (plenty of room for a built-in loft for extra storage!).

Size Options

Choose a size based on the size of your vehicle plus the extra space you may need for storage or vehicle maintenance.

  • 12x16 ft.
  • 12x20 ft.
  • 16x24 ft.

Siding Options

Choose either metal or lap siding.

  • Metal Siding - Our metal siding consisting of corrugated panels is dependable, long-lasting, and economical.

  • Lap Siding - Specially engineered lap siding has an overlapping framework of boards that helps to keep water away from the structure's interior and discouraged pests from entering. We have a selection of dependable LP® SmartSide® Lap Siding options.


Shingles are a great option, but our metal roofing is guaranteed to last a long time and provide the durability you'd expect.

  • Metal - We offer Long Creek Steel’s steel roofing. Long Creek Steel's high-quality steel roofing is engineered to provide superior protection, is guaranteed to protect your investment, and has a variety of color options.


Make your storage building more convenient and practical by adding on any of these helpful items.

  • Unicaddy's VersaCaddy™ 16 Organizer Kit - This kit is a versatile storage system specifically designed to utilize the vertical spaces between 16" on center studs.

  • 8x6 ft. Ramp - Adding a strong wooden ramp makes getting vehicles, ATVs, and motorcycles in and out of your storage building easy and convenient.

  • 24x36 in. Windows - Windows can provide ventilation to your building and allow natural sunlight to come in uninhibited. Our windows are durable, well-built, and long-lasting.

  • Built-in 2-4 ft. Workbench - Whether you use it as a table or shelf, a built-in workbench provides a sturdy space to work, store vehicle maintenance supplies, and organize tools.

  • Built-in 2-8 ft. Loft - Give yourself maximum room to work on your ATV or motorcycle by getting a built-in loft. A loft gives your building an out-of-the-way overhead storage option for your gear and other essentials.

  • Contrasted Trim Package - Adding exterior trim that contrasts with the color of your shed will greatly improve the look and visual appeal of your building.

  • Floor and Wall Insulation - Adding insulation to your wall and floors will prepare your building for year-round use, protecting against both heat and cold.