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Why We Use LP Building Products and CertainTeed Shingles

by Dakota Storage Buildings, on July 03, 2018

Updated in October 2020.

Our sheds are made with the highest-quality building products.

Providing superior customer care and constructing high-quality products is part of our DNA—what makes us who we are. We care deeply about our customers and helping them choose and purchase the best storage building for their needs.

We believe our buildings are a representation of our integrity. For instance, if your building looks bad or isn't made properly, we look bad, and you feel disappointed. No one wins. Our goal is to satisfy our customers and showcase products that make us proud.

Plus, using premium materials makes construction easier which, in turn, increases productivity. This increase in productivity allows us to sell to you—our valued customers—a high-quality building for an affordable price.

It's for these reasons and more that we choose trusted companies like CertainTeed and LP (Louisiana Pacific) when we buy materials—everyone benefits when the best building materials are used. As the age-old adage states: shortcuts never win.

Take a moment to learn more about CertainTeed’s winning shingles and the LP products that we use on our top-rated storage sheds and garages.

Shed Roofing - LP ProStruct® Roof Sheathing With SilverTech®

Roof sheathing is a more than just flat panels on which shingles are attached. The roof's sheathing also helps to hold the roof together, and it keeps the roof trusses properly spaced.

Because the role of sheathing is so important, we only trust LP ProStruct® Roof Sheathing with SilverTech®. Not only is it trustworthy in its external role, its professional-grade interior-facing side features a durable radiant barrier that helps to keep sheds cooler in the summer heat. Its highly reflective nature brightens the shed’s interior for greater visibility. The benefits of this LP roofing option are many. To name a couple: its topcoat finish resists peeling and flaking, and it comes with a 20-year limited warranty.

Shed Flooring - LP ProStruct® Flooring With SmartFinish®

Not many people think about the important role that flooring plays within a shed. The fact is, without a sturdy floor, it’s nearly impossible for storage buildings to withstand the elements while maintaining their structural integrity. On top of that, shed floors must take a fair amount of abuse whether it’s from storing weighty ATVs, rolling wheelbarrows in and out, or housing wet equipment.

LP ProStruct® Flooring with SmartFinish® offers a beautiful, knot-free, and professional appearance, but it can also take all the abuse that’s thrown at it. Unlike traditional plywood shed floors, this flooring incorporates LP’s Treated Wood Strand Technology and their SmartGuard® technology to resist fungal decay, termite damage, warping, splitting, and cracking.

Shed Walls and Siding - LP SmartSide® Panels, Trim, and Lap Siding

Both the interior and the exterior of a shed should be constructed with dependable yet attractive material. With LP, you get that just. Their interior wall panels and their exterior siding hold up to the high standards that we expect at Dakota Storage Buildings.

LP SmartSide® Wall Panels with SilverTech® or SmartFinish®

All LP SmartSide® Panels offer—

  • Warmth and beauty
  • Guaranteed durability
  • Resistance to harsh weather
  • SmartGuard® treatment for protection against decay, rot, and termites
  • A 50-year limited warranty

The LP® SmartSide® Panels with SilverTech® feature a finish-grade radiant barrier that resists flaking and peeling. These panels also help reduce the sun's radiant heat. It's an ideal choice for sheds and workshops as it keeps stored items cooler and brightens up the interior.

LP SmartSide® Panels with SmartFinish® allows your shed to look as nice on the inside as it does on the outside. Its durable overlay gives the inside of shed walls a premium, clean, and professional appearance, enhancing the quality and appearance of the shed.

LP SmartSide® Trim & Lap Siding

Lap siding earned its name because it is laid in overlapping horizontal rows. The unique overlapping structure serves to protect the outer surface from the elements, adds appealing aesthetic quality that surpasses ordinary wall cladding, and offers a recessed curve that aligns the top of each plank, which allows it to fit more tightly against the wall.

LP SmartSide® Trim and Lap Siding not only accomplish everything required of lap siding, but its quality puts it at the top of its game. This resilient and long-lasting siding features LP’s Treated Wood Technology and SmartGuard® Technology for powerful resistance to decay, rot, termites, and extreme weather. Like their wall panels, LP offers a 50-year limited warranty.

 In addition to our other LP sidings, we're now offering LP Dutch Lap SmartSide Siding. 


CertainTeed's NorthGate SBS Shingle

CertainTeed's NorthGate SBS modified asphalt shingle is unmatched by other standard asphalt shingles. The rubberizing aspect of SBS allows greater flexibility so the shingles resist cracking even in extreme cold-weather, allowing for year-round application. SBS also offers superior granule adhesion which is one of the key components in protecting the shingle against the elements.

Here are a few other reasons why CertainTeed’s shingles beat the competition—

  • It was a Class IV Impact Resistant rating—the highest rating available.
  • It offers greater cold-weather flexibility.
  • It has increased ductile properties and granule adhesion.
  • It is virtually crack resistant.
  • It has better weather resistance than most.

In addition to CertainTeed shingles, we now have CertainTeed Mainstreet DBL 4" Dutch Lap Vinyl Siding.

Do you need a new backyard shed?

If you’re in the market for a new shed, make sure you’re buying one that’s worth your investment. Consider the quality of the materials used in the building’s construction. Because our structures are made with the best materials, they require minimal maintenance and they maintain their value for a lifetime.

Start your shed shopping by browsing our Shed Collection and Garage Collection.

Maybe you don’t want a predetermined shed package. Perhaps you want to design your own shed or garage from top to bottom. We get that. With our online shed configurator, you can create your own from roof to floor. You can choose the roofline, siding type (wood panel, wood lap, metal, or vinyl), and add-ons (think flower boxes, ramps, and spray insulation) that are right for your unique needs.

When you shop with us, you can trust that each material chosen is handpicked by our team with your satisfaction and delight in mind.

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