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16″ On-Center Framing



Like every component of our sheds and garages, our framing lumber and construction practices meet safety standards.

Less Waste

By using standard lengths, we are able to maximize production and minimize waste which saves you money.


Placing 2’x4’ shed and garage wall studs 16” apart provides structural integrity, allowing buildings to last longer.

Placing shed and garage wall studs 16” apart offers greater structural integrity.

16” on-center (OC) is a framing term that typically refers to the spacing of wall studs. To be specific, 16” on-center means that the center of any wall stud should always land on an increment of 16 inches from the end of the wall. 16” OC wall stud spacing meets standard building codes for structural integrity. For us specifically, this means we place 2’x4’ shed and garage wall studs 16” apart from one another for structural integrity.

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