Dakota Storage Building Features


1 Set Of Wooden Double Doors

This is a feature that comes standard on all painted buildings, with the option to upgrade to...More Info

1 Window

Windows add necessary ventilation to your building. Allow fresh, natural sunlight and air to...More Info

4×4" Pressure Treated Skids

Pressure treated wood is a standard feature with any of our buildings because it will not rot with...More Info

2×4" Pressure Treated Floor Joists

The floor joists are treated because they are close to ground level. The wood is protected from...More Info

All Framework Has 16″ On Center Trusses

Our roof trusses and walls are framed 16” on center to give a building more support and...More Info

Premium ProStruct Flooring

Maximize the structural longevity of your building by using ProStruct® flooring with...More Info

Durable LP® SmartSide® Siding

Choose from a selection of dependable LP® SmartSide® Siding options. Resilient and long-lasting, LP...More Info

2×4 Studs

The wood we use is standard for many types of buildings, though we do prefer to use a #2 Douglas...More Info

TruDefinition® Duration® Shingles

Our buildings are topped with top of the line shingles to help protect your invest and offer a...More Info

7/16" OSB Roof Sheathing

OSB Roof Sheathing is standard on all of our buildings. We use this instead of plywood because...More Info

15 lb. Roofing Felt

Felt is the layer installed under roofing. It provides an extra layer of protection underneath the...More Info

1 Set of Double Fiberglass Doors

This is a feature that comes standard on all vinyl and premium buildings. A few other benefits with...More Info

Quality Paint

The paint we use has to match certain standards, such as low VOC “Green” formulas, a super adhesion...More Info

Georgia Pacific Shadow Ridge Double 4" Dutch Lap Siding

This vinyl siding has flat panels that overlap each other with a shiplap joint, with a...More Info

Shelves & Lofts

Add on 2-4' deep shelves or 2-8' deep lofts to your building for increased storage space. It’s an...More Info

Premium Series Garage Doors

Dakota Storage Buildings’ garages come standard with Clopay Premium Series garage doors that are...More Info

Flower Boxes

Our decorative flower boxes can add character and personality to your storage building and...More Info

Vinyl Shutters

Adding vinyl shutters to any storage building will make it more attractive, plus it will increase...More Info

Spray Foam Insulation

Spray foam is an excellent way to insulate a building or roof as it is made of a polyurethane foam...More Info

7/16" OSB Wall Sheathing

A standard option on all Dakota Storage Buildings, OSB Wall Sheathing is an economical and...More Info

Ridge Vent

Heat always travels to the top of a building, and if it can escape through a ridge vent it may...More Info

Superior Single Prehung Fiberglass Door

An advanced entry option, the single prehung fiberglass door provides cutting-edge durability,...More Info

2×6" Pressure Treated Floor Joists

The floor joists are pressure treated because they are close to ground. The treated wood is...More Info

High Quality Steel Roofing

Engineered and manufactured to provide superior performance and protection, choose from Long Creek...More Info

First-Class Porch

Enhance your outdoor storage space with Dakota Storage Building’s premium 4 ft. porch. A wonderful...More Info

3/4” T&G High Performance OSB Flooring

Treated flooring is engineered to resist large amounts of moisture and is designed to perform well...More Info

2 Gable Vents

Most building codes require ventilation. Even in moderate climate, incorrect ventilation can lead...More Info