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Bonus Space

Lofts provide storage in unused or under-utilized spaces, which greatly increases storage opportunities.

Out-of-the-Way Storage

Use overhead loft storage to keep seasonal and occasionally used items out of the way but easily within reach.

1 or 2 Lofts

Add one or two lofts (one in the front and another in the back) to a shed or garage with a High Barn roofline for maximum space.

Add one or two 4-foot-deep lofts to your building for extra overhead storage space.

It can be a challenge to organize the inside of a storage building. That's why we include built-in lofts in our Backyard Shed XL, Garden Shed XL, Cabin Shed, Farm Garage, and Luxury Garage and offer the add-on option for custom sheds and garages. 

Lofts provide storage in what is often unused or under-utilized space. Here are three reasons why lofts are a great way to maximize storage space.

  1. Increases your storage capacity. Take advantage of all of your space. Don't limit yourself by storing your things on the floor or shelves when you can use what's traditionally wasted space. You can greatly increase your storage capability by utilizing the area above your head.
  2. Store things out of the way. Do you stumble over plastic bins of holiday decorations in the middle of summer when you want your bike, not your Christmas wreath? Get seasonal and occasionally used items out of the way — but within reach when you need it — by using loft storage space.
  3. Store things out of the reach of children. If you have items that you'd prefer to be out of the reach of children, lofts are a practical and safe solution. Whether it's gardening chemicals or fragile memorabilia, you can keep those items safely tucked away until they're needed.

When you customize a Dakota Storage Buildings shed, you can add one or two 4' deep lofts (one in the front and another in the back) to drastically increase storage space. It's an easy way to get extra storage without buying a bigger building size. Our built-in lofts can be added to many of our shed styles but work best with the High Barn roofline.

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