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CertainTeed® NorthGate® SBS Shingles



Exposure to the elements can damage standard asphalt shingles, but SBS modified shingles are resistant to weather-based deterioration.


Boasting industry-leading Class IV impact resistance, NorthGate shingles offer durability that standard asphalt shingles can’t match.

Superior Adhesion

NorthGate’s SBS composition provides superior granule adhesion, offering better protection against nature's elements.

An attractive roof with built-in strength to withstand harsh weather and cracking.

SBS is a rubber-like ingredient NorthGate® uses to modify the pliability and weatherability of their roofing asphalt. Shingles created with SBS-modified asphalt look like traditional shingles yet provide enhancements to important performance characteristics such as impact resistance, tear-resistance, and surface granule adhesion. 

With NorthGate, you give your storage building the curb appeal of designer roofing and the protective resilience of SBS-modified asphalt, all backed by CertainTeed’s manufacturer warranty. While all of CertainTeed products are tested to ensure the highest quality and compliance, they also come in several attractive color options.

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