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Gable Vents



Like every component of our sheds and garages, our gable vents are high-quality and dependable.

Air Circulation

Gable ridge vents help heat to escape, promote cross-ventilation and keep air circulating.

Structural Protection

Proper ventilation prevents weather and temperature-related  structural deterioration.

Two gable vents provide essential cross-ventilation and air circulation.

Heat always travels to the top of a building, especially in sheds and garages where the temperature isn't controlled. With vents in place, that heat can escape, keeping air circulating. While this is critical in hot and humid weather, it's also beneficial in cold weather. Even in moderate climate, incorrect ventilation can lead to structural deficiencies and deterioration of key building components.

We include two gable vents in sheds and garages to promote ventilation and support the structural longevity of your building. Placement of the vents varies depending on the building style, but most are installed in the gables for cross ventilation. However, for maximum circulation, ask if both gable vents and a ridge vent can be installed. ​​

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