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Huber PerformMAX® Flooring


Structural Integrity

No core voids, solid edges, and stronger fastener-holding properties help make this flooring structurally sound.

Low Moisture Absorption

The moisture-resistant resin technology minimizes linear expansion, thickness swell, and warping.

Protective Overlay

This flooring blocks stains from wood extractions and provides an appealing matte surface.

Choose durable engineered wood flooring with moisture and warp-resistant technology.

Huber PerformMAX® engineered wood products are manufactured to be stronger and more dimensionally stable than plywood. Their engineered wood flooring utilizes moisture and warp-resistant resin technology, and its exceptional strength allows it to endure weight, weather, and everyday use. 

PerformMAX panels are manufactured by blending precisely cut wood strands with Huber's advanced resin technology. The strands are then oriented in a four-layer process in which two core layers are oriented perpendicular to the two surface layers. A very durable resin overlay is applied to the surface and the combination of strands. The overlay is then pressed under high heat and pressure to form an extremely durable panel.

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