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PPG Aquacron® 200 Urethane Topcoat


Rustic Appearance

PPG’s mission is to protect and beautify surfaces. Delivering a high-end, rustic aesthetic, their urethane topcoat is no exception.

High-Quality Products

This topcoat is specially formulated for outdoor buildings like garages and sheds and provides-lasting color and protection.

Guaranteed Performance

PPG’s Aquacron 200 urethane coating offers  excellent exterior durability,  resists ultraviolet rays, weathering, and mildew

PPG’s Aquacron® 200 Series offers a beautiful rustic appearance that’s easy to clean and guaranteed not to fade.

With over 130 years of experience and coatings for everything from cars to storage buildings to industrial equipment, PPG protects and beautifies more surfaces than any other coatings company. Their Aquacron® 200 Series is no exception.

Aquacron 200 Series enamels produce resilient exterior performance and long-term color stability from waterborne acrylic urethane technology. Aquacron coatings have a long history of proven protection over a variety of building and industrial materials. Aquacron 200 coatings are specially formulated for use on garages and sheds, providing brilliant and lasting color.

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