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Epilay® ProtecTite® Superior Roofing Underlayment

by Dakota Storage Buildings, on Jun 1, 2016 2:29:26 PM


*Photo credit: Epilay® ProtecTite® Superior Roofing

Epilay® ProtecTite® Superior Roofing Underlayment with its advanced engineering is highly recommended for mechanically attached, coated-woven synthetic roofing underlayment for sloped roofs. ProtecTite® Superior, standard on our buildings, is specifically manufactured to replace the #15 Felt and #30 Felt, and it’s 25x stronger and 4x lighter.

ProtecTite® Superior’s GripWalk® unique gray top layer which provides for a cooler working surface can be used under primary roofing materials to replace #15 Felt and #30 Felt. GripWalk® high traction walking surface permits easier steep slope walk-ability, even during high condensation or moisture on the surface.

ProtecTite® Superior’s Skid-Resist® anti-skid bottom surface made with advanced polymers helps keep the underlayment intact and prevents the fabric from tearing while it is being fastened avoiding any leakages through the underlayment layer.