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Watertown - Concrete Dakota, South Dakota

Open 24 hours

The Watertown lot usually has 5-7 sheds on display, with an information shed stocked with catalogs and info on how to order. The sheds are completely open for you to poke around in and investigate.

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Common Questions About Our Display Lots

Download A Shed Collection Catalog

There are many things to consider when looking for a shed.
Browse our catalog to learn about available shed options—we're sure you'll find the perfect shed for your needs. Also included in the catalog are sizes, prices, and features for each option. Contact our team when you are ready to invest in your high-quality shed!

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Additional Details

Each shed and garage we build is made from premium lumber and materials. These higher-quality components are assembled with great care, by hand, using old-school craftsmanship techniques.

To learn more about building permits, on-site preparation, and more, check out

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