Configure Your Man Cave Shed

Everyman's Entertainment Spot

If you’re looking for a place to relax, fix things, or watch the big game—consider transforming an outdoor storage shed into a backyard Man Cave shed. Imagine a surround sound theater cranked up to volume 10 and your friends cheering loudly, but no one is bothered by the noise. Plus, the space can be adorned with all the stuff that been ban from the house.



Create a Man Cave where you and your friends can hang out and catch up. Bring in a couch, table, and some comfortable lounge chairs. Plug in a hot plate to warm snacks and a mini fridge to store soda pop. Play some video games with the boys or whip out a table game. Enjoy a few hours away from life's responsibilities.



Every man needs a hangout that expresses his personality. Use a Man Cave Shed to proudly display the things you find important, valuable, or interesting. Think memorabilia, ticket stubs, old license plates and neon signs. Instead of keeping these things in storage, display them for easy access and enjoyment.

Configure Your Man Cave Shed

Package Features

These specific features are available for this package.

LP ProStruct Flooring with SmartFinish

This clean and durable overlay resists termite damage, decay, warping, and splitting.

Spray Foam Ceiling and Floor Insulation

This thick insulation fills every crack creating a watertight membrane that protects against the heat and cold.


LP ProStruct Roof & Wall Sheathing
With SilverTech

These wall panels help brighten the interior and keep it cooler on hot days.

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