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LP® ProStruct Flooring with SmartFinish® & Epoxy Finish


Easy to Maintain

The pairing of SmartFinish & Epoxy Finish means the flooring resists corrosion, abrasion, and water damage. Plus, it’s easy to clean — a chicken coop must-have.


This flooring features LP’s Treated Wood Strand Technology and proprietary SmartGuard process to resist decay, warping, and termite damage.

Quality Construction

With quality materials, innovative technology, and consistent construction, this flooring overlay will last your chickens for years — and look great.

This durable, easy-to-clean flooring is far superior to traditional plywood flooring.

LP® ProStruct® Flooring with SmartFinish® & Epoxy Finish helps to maximize the structural longevity of your building by safeguarding your structure’s subfloor with moisture-repellent coating. Because ProStruct’s treated wood stain technology with SmartGuard minimizes decay, warping, splitting, and cracking, this overlay can be applied directly to the subfloor without the need for additional surface layering. Plus, this premium, easy-to-clean overlay flooring has no knots or voids, giving it a sleek appearance. 

Moisture-repellent flooring is ideal for coops because it is easier to clean and holds up better to water, rain, and snow, allowing it to last longer. With quality materials, innovative technology, and consistent construction, LP ProStruct Flooring with SmartFinish & Epoxy Finish will last for years, even with everyday wear and tear, and look great.

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