Storage Building Delivery


Once your order is made, we will mail/email sales and delivery agreements for you to sign, date, and return to Dakota Storage authorizing us to go ahead and build your shed or garage. The time it takes us to put together a building may vary, as spring and summer are very busy times for Dakota both in the factory and on the road. The time of year really affects how long it will take, and makes it necessary for us to build, schedule and deliver a building on a first-come, first-serve basis. Practically speaking, in summer it often takes anywhere from 6-8 weeks of production time, while in winter it could take 2 weeks or less. Another factor in time needed is customization options, upgrades or size of the building from the base model.

Even in the busiest times of year we do our best to make sure the new building gets to you as soon as possible, and work to streamline this process for you and make it smooth and hassle-free. For your convenience we also have a great selection of buildings that can be ready for shipping in two weeks or less.

Setting up Delivery

Usually within 1-4 days of the actual building process being completed (adding 1-2 for the busy season) we will contact you that the building is done and set up a time convenient for both you and the driver to deliver the building. Your flexibility on this is greatly appreciated, as the drivers often have very busy schedules and may not always be able to deliver at a certain time.

What do I need to know before delivery

Before delivery the building site must prepped with a perfectly level foundation of gravel, preferably compacted to prevent problems further down the road of the building settling and twisting. This is often best done by a construction contractor or someone with landscaping experience, because it can be very challenging to a prepare a site properly. We’ve written about this in more detail here, to help with the technical details of getting this ready.

Final Payment

Building delivery is when the final payment of the remaining balance is due. You can make this payment either with check or money order, whichever is more convenient for you.