Storage Building Delivery

Storage Building Delivery

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The Mule shed mover provides a hassle-free delivery service thanks to a few, key features. The Mule has a tight turning radius, which is perfect for maneuvering sheds through challenging spaces. The Mule operator has clear visibility of where they are driving and where they are placing the shed. And the operator is able to use simple controls to lift one end of the shed and remove the dolly wheels once the shed is in place.

Precise Placement

Once we arrive at a customer’s home, we take the time to walk around the property with the customer so that we can see exactly where the customer wants their new storage building. Then we unload the building from the trailer and use the Mule to transport the building through our customer’s yard. Once we reach the desired location, we double check to make sure that we are placing the storage building exactly how the customer would like it. We also take the time to make sure that everything is lined up properly and that all of the windows, doors, and other aspects of the shed are as they should be.

Focus on Customer Service

We take pride in working with our customers from choosing the perfect storage building to delivering and placing it in the perfect location. Each individual building and how it gets set is important to us, and we put focus on making the whole experience as hassle-free as possible for our customers.

Delivery Costs

Delivery is free within 100 miles of our shop or 20 miles from our display areas. Beyond that, there is a $4.25 per mile one way charge. (Escort fees may apply for 14′ and 16′ wide buildings)