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Practical Backyard Shed Lighting Ideas

Are you looking for creative lighting solutions for both your backyard and your shed? We have some ideas—including battery, solar, and electrical options. Whether you need light inside your shed so that you can work anytime (night or day), need a way to illuminate the perimeter of your home for security purposes, or are simply looking to create a warm ambiance, here are some ideas to consider.

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How To Prep Your Backyard For Shed Delivery

Here's how to lay a proper shed foundation, plus insight into how delivery works. Before your shed can be delivered, there are two things that must happen—the proper building permit must be secured and a foundation needs to be laid. Whether you’re laying your shed's foundation or hiring someone to do it for you, ensure the site is properly prepared and perfectly leveled. An unleveled foundation will cause the frame of the shed to twist which can cause complications or damage.

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Storage Unit Rental, DIY Shed Kit, Or Pre-Built Shed—Which Is Best For You?

Here are bullet point lists of pros and cons. Start here before you decide on a storage option. Here are some pros and cons to renting a storage unit, building a DIY shed kit, and buying a pre-built shed—they're laid out in simple, easy-to-read lists. After considering these points, you should have a better idea of which best suits your situation.

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Backyard Garden Shed: The Perfect Gift For Mothers And Wives Who Love Gardening

Consider getting your mother or wife a backyard garden shed for Mother's Day this year! On Mother's Day, many people give gifts, cards, flowers, candy, treats, and more to their mothers and maternal figures, including grandmothers, great-grandmothers, stepmothers—and even wives. (You can't forget that she's the one that brought your children into the world!) If the special lady in your life loves gardening, you could buy her a gardening-related present like a gift card to her favorite garden store, an Apple Tree-To-Be Kit, or a stackable light system for starter plants—or you could buy her the ultimate gift—a backyard garden shed (or a potting shed as some like to call it). If you already have a shed, consider renovating it into a garden shed that's sure to make any home gardener envious.

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Play Golf All Year Long By Creating A Golf Shed

Whether you're a golf enthusiast yourself or are married to one, consider a DIY backyard golf shed. Golfing fun can be had at home! A small or medium sized shed would be ideal for storing golf equipment and a 2-person golf cart. A larger one—perhaps even a garage—would be great for housing an indoor driving range and putting course. Imagine being able to play golf all year round, even in the winter and on rainy days!

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