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Your Favorite 7 Blog Posts of 2015

Your Favorite 7 Blog Posts of 2015 This year our blog has covered everything from tips and hints to how-tos and best practices. Check out our Top 7 blog posts below (ranked in descending order). These are the ones that you, our followers and customers, have enjoyed the most. And now they’re all together in one spot for your convenience.

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3 Reasons Why Your Vehicle Wants a Garage

3 Reasons Why Your Vehicle Wants A Garage Your vehicle will last longer if it’s kept in a garage when not in use. Extreme winter conditions can cause annoying, inconvenient, and costly problems that can be easily prevented if vehicles are sheltered. During cold months, batteries can die, essential fluids can freeze, and vehicles can be buried in snow.

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Transform Your Shed Into The Perfect House For Your Pup

Transform Your Shed Into The Perfect Doghouse If you’re planning to buy a dog for your family, want to create an outdoor living space for your pet, or just need to get down-and-dirty with a hands-on project, consider converting your shed into a doghouse. While dogs need companionship and human interaction to thrive, having private quarters outside could be a great thing for both your dog and your family. Don’t have space in your current shed? No problem. We have a wide range of Ranch style sheds that can meet your need. As you think about outdoor arrangements for your pooch, here are some important things to consider.  

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Tips for a Snowmobile-Ready Garage

Tips for a Snowmobile-Ready Garage If you have a snowmobile, you’re probably waiting for the arrival of sled-worthy snow. From trails to off-roading adventures, who doesn’t love the rush of riding through winter’s wonderland? Until then, make sure your snowmobile and garage (or storage unit) are ready. Here are a few helpful reminders.

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Creating a Gift-Wrapping Workstation

Create a gift-wrapping workstation—using the space in your shed or garage might work nicely. We love the Christmas season and we’re sure you do, too. It’s filled with friends, family, food, festivities . . . and presents. For most people, choosing and shopping for presents is an annual challenge, but that’s only half of the battle. The other half starts once you’re home. We all know that gifts don’t wrap themselves. Finding the time, motivation, and energy to gift-wrap can be overwhelming.

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