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​When Storage Hacks Just Aren’t Enough—It’s Time for a Storage Shed​

You can try all the storage hacks that the internet serves up, but sometimes the best solution is a storage shed. Have you tried all the storage hacks and DIY storage ideas that you can find on Pinterest for your— Hall Closet Bedroom Closets Cabinets Pantry Attic Basement Spare Room Laundry Room Play Room If you have, you may have discovered that some work like a charm but others don't work well at all. Some may be brilliant while some may have been too idealistic for the real world. If you've done all you can to organize and store your Christmas decorations, sports equipment, outgrown clothing, and more, it may be time to consider a backyard shed.

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Give the Gift of an Office Shed This Christmas!

Anyone who works from home all of the time—or just occasionally—could benefit from an office shed. This is a GREAT Christmas gift idea for the person in your life that could use some personal space to work. Whether they need a home office for running a business, the occasional telecommute, or simply a nook for paying bills and organizing a schedule, help them by thinking beyond a folding metal desk and TV tray. If the one you love works remotely on a regular basis, they deserve more than a makeshift workspace, right? There are many reasons why having a home office can be practical and beneficial. If you don't have a room in your house that you can convert into an office, consider using a shed as a backyard office. It offers a quiet space that can be wholly dedicated to whatever work needs to be done.

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​Creative Backyard Shed Ideas—Doghouses, Cabins & More​

Backyard shed ideas range from traditional to creative  uses. While sheds are traditionally used for storage—a great solution for keeping things organized, easily accessible, safe, and out of sight—there so many other uses, many of which you may have never considered. Here are three uses to explore. 1. Backyard Shed Idea: Doghouse If you’re planning to buy a dog for your family, want to create an outdoor living space for your pet, or just need to get down-and-dirty with a hands-on project, consider converting a backyard shed into a dog house.  We have a wide range of Ranch style sheds for the perfect dog house idea. Choose internal spray foam insulation, place a fence around the shed, add a doggie door—and you have the ideal palace for your pup.

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​Sheds & Garages: What Does Homeowner's Insurance Cover?​

What does your homeowner's insurance cover? Does it include your storage buildings? Can contents insurance or garage insurance protect my belongings? Reading through your homeowner's insurance policy could take a long time. Sure, you'd find the answers, but they could be a challenge to interpret. To make it easy, we thought we'd bring to light what homeowner insurance policies typically cover in relation to your storage building—whether a detached garage or a stand-alone backyard shed.

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