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Fall Gardening Ideas and Storage

Hobby gardeners, are you ready for fall vegetable gardening and fall flower gardening?  Fall is here. Are you ready? For those who love gardening, whether a hobby gardener or just a beginner, here are a few things to think about as we journey into the fall season. Winter Prep and Fall Vegetable Gardening  Before doing any more planting, stop for a moment to prep your garden for the upcoming cold weather. Here are a few things you can do. Leave carrots, horseradish, leeks, parsnips, radishes, and turnips in the garden through early winter. Mark the rows with tall stakes so that you can find them in the snow, and cover them with a heavy layer of mulch. Pull up tomato, squash, pea, and bean plants. If they’re disease-free, compost them. If any are diseased, either burn them or discard them separately. Pull up and put away the stakes. In the soil that you will not be using over the winter, remove all weeds and debris. Gently till the soil to expose any insects who plan to overwinter (this will reduce pest troubles in the spring and summer). Once most of the garden soil is exposed, add a layer of compost and leaves then gently till into the soil.

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​Create The Ultimate BBQ Shelter

Typically a BBQ shelter is just large enough to accommodate a grill or smoker, but imagine a structure that could do that—and so much more.  A simple Pinterest search will produce a ton of ideas for BBQ shelter designs and ideas. You'll find ones that are built from scratch and others that are modifications of another structure. 

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Many Satisfied Customers Add These 4 Upgrades​ To Their Storage Sheds

If you need to buy a storage building, whether a garden shed or two-stall garage, consider adding a few upgrades to optimize its beauty and practicality.  We offer a range of storage shed upgrades and add-ons including built-in work benches and lofts, railings for sheds with porches, dormers for our Deluxe buildings, spray foam insulation, and an organizer kit that fits all of our building styles. In this post, we're focusing on LP ProStruct flooring, contrasting trim, transom windows, and window shutters & flower boxes. These are the top 4 most popular storage shed upgrades requested by our customers.

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Storage Shed Placement Ideas & Tips

If you're wondering where you should put your storage shed, we have some helpful shed placement ideas and tips. Shed Placement Tip #1—Reflect on how you plan to use it To pinpoint the best location for a backyard shed, consider how you'll be using it. For instance, if it's being used primarily as a garden shed, keep it close to the garden and a water source. If you plan to store a lawn mower in your shed, make sure the doors can open fully, the ramp can be extended entirely, and the mower can maneuver in and out without restriction. Additionally, if you plan to use it to store lawn care supplies, tools, seasonal decor, and regularly used equipment (think sports gear, camping items, etc.), keep it close to your house, not in the farthest back corner. Such an out-of-the-way site might look nice, but it's not convenient. Having to run back and forth across the yard every time you need to retrieve a drill is not only annoying, but soon you'll see that items tend NOT to be returned to the "far away" shed. 

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