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by Dakota Storage Buildings, on June 28, 2016

We offer wood lap siding for our storage sheds because it's durable—and attractive. It's called "lap" because of being installed in overlapping horizontal rows on the exterior of a building …

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by Dakota Storage Buildings, on June 21, 2016

Deluxe Style Storage Building And Metal Siding This season we've introduced two new options to enhance our product selection: Deluxe style storage buildings and metal siding. Continue reading to learn …

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by Dakota Storage Buildings, on June 07, 2016

Update July 2022 We’ve all been there. We understand how it feels to be overwhelmed with the amount of stuff you’ve accumulated, over time. When you’ve got a lot of …

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by Dakota Storage Buildings, on June 01, 2016

If you need a home office or more personal workspace, consider relocating. Sure, that sounds expensive, but it doesn't need to be. Don't buy a larger house or even add …

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