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Learn About Our Lap Siding

We offer wood lap siding for our storage sheds because it's durable—and attractive. It's called "lap" because of being installed in overlapping horizontal rows on the exterior of a building. The unique overlapping structure serves to protect the outer surface from the elements, adds appealing aesthetic quality that surpasses ordinary wall cladding, and offers a recessed curve that aligns the top of each plank, which allows it to fit more tightly against the wall.  We offer a selection of dependable LP® SmartSide® Lap Siding options. Resilient and long-lasting, this siding is specially engineered to withstand major weather events and pest invasion. Traditional fiber and vinyl siding will decay, weather, and crack over time. 

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Deluxe Style Storage Building And Metal Siding​

Deluxe Style Storage Building And Metal Siding This season we've introduced two new options to enhance our product selection: Deluxe style storage buildings and metal siding. Continue reading to learn more.

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Shed Shopping Has Never Been Easier: Explore Our New Website

Explore Our New Website! Our new website is better than ever and makes shed shopping a breeze. Here's a quick and easy overview of our new website. 

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How To Find & Buy Your Ideal Shed

How To Find & Buy Your Ideal Shed While sheds are traditionally used for storage— great solution for keeping things organized, easily accessible, safe, and out of sight—there so many other uses. Here are a few.

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Creating A Backyard Home Office Shed

If you need a home office or more personal workspace, consider relocating. Sure, that sounds expensive, but it doesn't need to be. Don't buy a larger house or even add a pricey addition to your home; just convert a shed into an office! It's affordable and practical. If you own your home and you have usable land, this solution is ideal. An office shed should be tall enough to stand up in comfortably and large enough for office furniture essentials. Giving yourself some space to move around will make the shed feel like a legitimate office. Our 8×12' and 10×12' High Barn style sheds, for instance, are perfect.

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