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Storage Shed vs Storage Unit

Should you buy a storage shed or rent a storage unit? A big benefit to owning your own outdoor storage shed is that you can reduce clutter within your house. The other common option for storing your belongings is renting a storage unit, which ultimately can be expensive and inconvenient. In this post, we will outline a few reasons why financing a storage shed is a better option than paying for a storage unit.

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Outdoor Storage Shed Uses & Recommendations

An outdoor storage shed is a great solution for keeping things organized, easily accessible, safe, and out of sight. However, what type of “things” you decide to put in your shed is totally up to you! Here are a few of the ways that our customers use their outdoor storage sheds along with our professional recommendation for the type of shed that would work well for that purpose.

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5 Simple Ways to Organize Your Shed

The task of cleaning out a shed always seems overwhelming.  Sheds have a tendency to get cluttered, nothing appears to have a proper place, and things are always hard to find. Instead of organizing your storage shed for the hundredth time, use the shed organization tips below to plan out a strategy that will help you keep the shed looking nice once and for all.

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