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by Dakota Storage Buildings, on May 27, 2021

Here are some ways to prevent heat exhaustion, keeping your dog cool and happy this summer. Working dog owners want their outdoor dog to be healthy so that he can …

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Topics:Dog Kennels

by Dakota Storage Buildings, on May 20, 2021

Before you buy or build a chicken coop, consider these essentials. If you’re interested in raising homestead chickens in your backyard, you’ve likely researched which chicken breed is best for …

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Topics:Chicken Coops

by Dakota Storage Buildings, on May 13, 2021

Which garage option is the best solution for your needs, space, and budget? You’re already contemplating getting a garage to store your motorized vehicles, be it your everyday transportation, ATV, …

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by Dakota Storage Buildings, on May 06, 2021

Let's unpack three primary shed categories, including the pros, cons, and cost of each. You're likely reading this because you have more stuff than you do storage space, and you're …

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