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Shed Shopping: Why a Quality Roof Matters

Shed Shopping: Why a Quality Roof Matters If you’re shopping for a shed and comparing prices and quality, you may be wondering if a cheaper price tag means you’re getting lower quality or if a higher price tag means that you’re being ripped off. While in the midst of research, bear in mind that a good roof is vital. Don’t get a low quality shed in order to save a penny or two. You get what you pay for.

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A Guide for Growing Starter Plants

Whether you're new to gardening or have been at it for a while, here are some helpful gardening tips for growing your own plants from seeds. To get the biggest bang for your buck and have access to the widest variety of vegetation, starter plants are the best option. While they take more work initially, the benefits will thrill any enthusiastic gardener. Here are 6 steps to successful spring starter plants. 1. Prep Your Shed Agriculture experts at the University of Minnesota Extension advise choosing a safe place for your seeds. Somewhere away from heavy traffic, pets, cold drafts, excess heat, and where spills of potting mixture and water won’t cause a problem. We suggest finding a space in your shed that can be dedicated to your horticulture endeavors. If you don’t have a shed, we recommend our Ranch Style Sheds. They are functional and affordable; perfect for anyone with (or without) a green thumb.

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The Importance Of A Proper Foundation

As with anything in life, starting with a firm foundation is essential. The success or failure of any outbuilding is no different. A proper foundation is crucial. Before you order or start building an outdoor storage unit, research what zoning codes apply to your area. Rural areas are usually more lax, but those living in a city, town, or subdivision may have restrictions on size, color, foundation type, and sometimes style.

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City Living Is Better With A Shed

City Living Is Better With A Shed If you live in nearby Minneapolis or Saint Paul, our small sheds are perfect for your city-living lifestyle. Whether you live Downtown or in a beautiful city neighborhood, chances are your backyard is small, but your life is full. While there are many creative ways to mount your bicycle and kayak to a wall or ceiling, why not take advantage of a traditional storage method? Our sheds are simple, dependable, and customizable. Our compact 8ft x 10ft Ranch Style Sheds can easily store bicycles, tiki torches, fire pits, gardening equipment, and other outdoor recreational equipment.

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