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Buy Instead of DIY

Buy Instead of DIY There are many things that you can create yourself, and there are many things that you may want to create yourself. We encourage you to tackle your backyard landscaping in our Summer Backyard Challenge, yet we discourage you from building your own storage shed. Why? There are two main things to consider...

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When to Choose Premium ProStruct Flooring

When to Choose Premium ProStruct Flooring Dakota Storage buildings come with the potential for great additional features that can be found here. In this post, we will focus on the benefits and uses of the Premium ProStruct Flooring.      LP ProStruct® Flooring with SmartFinish® helps to maximize the structural longevity of your building by safeguarding your structure’s sub-floor with moisture-repellent coating. ProStruct’s treated wood stain technology with SmartGuard minimizes cracking, which allows for the application of coverings directly to the sub-floor without the need for additional surface layering.   But what does that mean for you…

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Set Up Your Own Golf Shed

Set Up Your Own Golf Shed Any golfer will tell you how addicting the game can be, and what golfer wouldn’t want their own golf shed to store all of their gear? Whether you’re lucky enough to live on a golf course, you practice in your backyard, or you tour various courses in the area; you can still create your own golf haven with a pre-made shed.

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Benefits to Premium Lap Siding

Benefits to Lap Siding While we offer a variety of pre-made storage buildings at a variety of price points, our Lap shed and garage lines come with a beautiful and functional feature—the LP SmartSide Trim and Lap Siding. Some of the benefits to this premium siding are outlined in this post.

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