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Attached vs. Detached Garages

Attached vs Detached Garages There are many reasons for adding a garage to your property. Garages give you a safe space to store expensive belongings like cars, ATVs, and boats with room left over to store smaller items as well. Once you decide that you would like to incorporate a garage into your property, when buying a garage, the question often becomes, “Should we purchase an attached or detached garage?”  

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Benefits of the Ranch Style Storage Shed

Benefits of the Ranch Style Storage Shed Here at Dakota Storage Buildings, we offer a few different types of storage buildings. In this post we’ll talk about the Ranch Style Shed, and what it has to offer.   The Ranch Style Shed has contemporary styling and advanced functionality. It has a 5/12 pitch roof line that provides a lot of wall space — perfect for hanging bulky equipment. The Ranch Style Shed is often used for:

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7 Steps to Your Perfect Backyard  #SummerBackyardChallenge

7 Steps to Your Perfect Backyard #SummerBackyardChallenge Are you the house in the neighborhood who is always hosting parties? Do you prefer a quiet, secluded backyard where you can decompress in peace? Do you have young children or grandchildren that love to run wild? Do you have pets that need to enjoy the outdoors? Or does nobody currently use the backyard?

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Transform Your Backyard Shed into an Art Studio

Transform Your Backyard Shed into an Art Studio Whether you are a professional artist or simply like to paint in your spare time, you will often find yourself needing space for an art studio. Creating art often means that you need quiet space where you can get messy, and a lot of times a spare room inside your house is not ideal.   Transforming your backyard shed into an art studio is a simple and fun solution! You can splatter as much paint as you want, keep all of your supplies out and in one place, and disappear to the backyard whenever creativity strikes.  

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Pool Storage Shed Solutions

Pool Storage Shed Solutions Pools are an awesome addition to any backyard, but pool storage can become a hassle. Everything gets wet, and you don’t want any of it coming into your house. Purchasing a pool storage shed could be an easy solution for all of the following storage needs:

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