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Keeping Your Garage Cool in Summer

The weather is warming up. Before you realize it, the heat of summer will be in full force. But don't let that keep you from enjoying time in your garage! Here are some practical ways to keep your garage or work shed comfortable this summer. Increase Airflow It may seem obvious, but the first step in keeping your workspace cool is to make sure it's well ventilated. Before spending significant time in your garage or shed, get air circulating by opening all doors and windows. If it's raining, only slightly open each. Then turn on a fan (or two). If you don't already have a fan, we suggest a dependable fan that will do the job well, like this 24" Industrial Drum Fan or this 30" 3-Speed Industrial Pedestal Fan.

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Using A Garage To Store Your Boat

Storing your boat indoors—whether in between trips or for the winter—will help protect it from the elements and extend its life. The most ideal scenario would be to store the boat and trailer on your property. A garage would be a logical storage solution.  Don't have a garage? Or is your boat just a little too long to store in your garage? You're in luck! We have solutions for both of these problems!

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Garden Shed Storage Tips​

We all know that garden sheds are perfect for utility and convenient storage . . . The problem lies in figuring out the best way to organize the space to maximize efficiency.  The next time you reorganize or spring clean your garden shed, keep these helpful organization and storage tips nearby.

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Landscape Ideas for Your Shed

Unless you're a landscaping genius with more ideas and time than the average person, you may find these suggestions helpful. All three of our ideas are simple but require different levels of effort. Little Effort: Lay Mulch Laying mulching will add instant visual appeal. In addition to adding a manicured look to your yard, mulch helps to suppress weeds. You can find bags of mulch at home centers, but for the best selection, check your local nursery or landscape supplier. Once the mulch is laid (by either you or a hired hand), it will require little to no maintenance throughout the year. Click here for mulching tips.

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