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Winterize Your Shed

No matter how well your shed is built, it still needs to be properly maintained and winterized.  Your shed is a valuable investment. Be sure to winterize your shed now before the harshest winter weather arrives. Here are steps to take that will minimize potential damage to your shed and the items stored inside.

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Functional, Yet Beautiful Garage Door Options

Functional, Yet Beautiful Garage Door Options Garage doors can provide a finishing touch that accentuates your property rather than taking away from it. All of Dakota Storage Buildings’ garages come with high quality garage doors with the option to upgrade to various styles and colors. However, garage doors are an upgrade option on sheds as well.

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Shed Buying Guide

Shed Buying Guide Buying a shed is a big investment, and you want to make sure that it is a lasting one. You want a quality storage building paired with a great customer service experience so that you can be confident in the product that you are purchasing.

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Create Your Own Hunting Shed

Pick the perfect storage building then make into your dream hunting shelter. Some of our customers have purchased sheds for the sole purpose of turning them into their ideal hunting shed. Below are five considerations for creating your own hunting shed on your property.

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7 Winter Workshop Ideas

7 Winter Workshop Ideas The weather is getting colder, which means that everyone will be spending more time indoors. Instead of going stir crazy this winter, we suggest creating a winter workshop that could serve multiple purposes throughout the frigid winter months. Here are just a few reasons that you may want to create a winter workshop: