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4 Reasons to Buy a Dakota Storage Gearhead Garage

by Dakota Storage Buildings, on March 07, 2018

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If you love working on cars or you're looking for ATV or motorcycle storage, our Gearhead Garage Package is just what you need.

Every gearhead knows that their garage is a reflection of who they are and what they enjoy. It’s the place to fix and improve anything from motorsports vehicles to classic cars and often have oil-stained floors, parts strewn about, and overflowing tool boxes.

Since gearheads spend so much time in the garage, it's essential to have the right garage—one that's optimally functional. That's why we created the Gearhead Garage Package.

Our Gearhead Garage Package is made for automobile, ATV, motorcycle, snowmobile, and motorboat storage, and can double as a workshop. The choice of a second overhead garage door transforms this one-stall package into a double-stall garage!

Configure Your Gearhead Package

Here are four great reasons to buy a Dakota Storage Gearhead Garage Package.

#1 - Store Classic Cars

Collecting and refurbishing classic and vintage cars is an exciting hobby. Often they're smart investments that appreciate with time. And no one buys classic or vintage cars to stash them away in a vault until they reach their maximum price. Most people want to work on them, show them off to their friends, and enjoy them. This package is perfect for such a person.

For some, the passion to collect is a way to recapture their youth ("I've wanted that car since I was a kid!").Others enthusiasts just love the craftsmanship and joy of owning and driving vintage cars. No matter where you find yourself, be sure to store your classic or vintage car in a gearheads auto garage like ours.

#2 - Store Motorsports

This package is perfect for storing all of your motorsports vehicles. Think motorcycle storage, ATV storage, snowmobile storage, and motorboat storage. Keep your expensive novelties out of harsh, rust-producing weather.

It's great for storing your gear, too—boots, goggles, helmets, jackets, gloves, and all of your other riding gear.

Stuff gets wet and filthy after a day on the trails—it's supposed to! A muddy pile of gear means that everyone had a fun day, but nobody wants it dragged into the house. You can set up space in your garage for all of your gear, and you can create a clean up station as well. 

#3 - Space for Restoration Projects

Restoring classic cars is dirty, time-consuming, and back-breaking, work. When the project is finished, though, seeing that pristine piece of automotive history looking as new as the day it rolled off the factory line is enough reward.

Some restoration projects are cheaper than others because they have parts readily available while others wish there were more of them still in existence. No matter your project choice, it's satisfying and rewarding to work with your hands restoring a piece of the past.

Choose our Gearhead Garage Package's double stall option, and you can use one stall for your project and the other stall for storage or to house your everyday vehicle.

#4 - Place to Handle Maintenance

This is the ideal mechanic's garage. Depending on the size you choose, you'll have the space you need to work—changing oil, conducting regular maintenance, or even breathing new life into an old school ATV. Bring in your favorite workbench or full-size tool storage unit, and you’re set to fix anything.

All vehicles—including motorsport vehicles—require maintenance and upkeep, and it can be hard to find the space to work on your vehicles without a garage. Adding a garage to your property allows you to set up a vehicle workshop in your backyard so that you can work on your vehicles whenever it is convenient for you.

Explore our Gearhead Package details and features.

This package is perfect for storing vehicles of any kind, restoration projects, maintenance tasks, and so much more. It has windows for natural light, overhead doors, and maximum workspace.

Standard Features

These features enhance the use and functionality of our Workshop Shed Package. Learn a little about each.

  1. Color Contrast Trim Package | You can select the color of your shed siding as well as a contrasting trim color. Because LP offers many options, we have a wide range of colors from which you can choose.

  2. Windows | This package comes with two 28"x38" white vinyl insulated windows, perfect for letting in natural light.

  3. Steel Door |This high-end steel door has a 4Ever Frame made of composite poly-fiber which provides a tighter seal and greater security than our other door options, and because it's made of quality material, it will never rot, warp, split, or twist. This door has a 9-lite window option. 

  4. Overhead Doors | Choose either one or two Clopay Premium Series overhead garage doors. These doors boast 1-⅜” Intellicore insulation that improves strength, security, appearance, and operation. All overhead doors come with an electric opener.

  5. Ranch Gable Roofline | This traditional Ranch roofline has a 5/12 pitch and will blend in naturally into any neighborhood.

Size, Roofline & Siding

With all of the above features chosen for you, all you need to do is choose if you want a single or double stall garage, it's size, and siding material.

  • Single Stall Sizes: 18'x24', 18'x36', or 20'x24'

  • Double Stall Sizes: 24'x24', 28'x36', or 32'x40'

  • Siding Options: Choose the color you want for either GP Shadow Ridge Vinyl Siding or LP SmartSide Wood Lap Siding. Both are attractive, easy to maintain, and feature LP’s SmartSide SilverTech interior paneling.

That's it! Buying a Gearhead Garage Package from Dakota Storage Buildings is really that easy.

Configure Your Gearhead Package

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