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5 Fall Themed Activities

by Dakota Storage Buildings, on October 11, 2015


Put on a jacket and enjoy these fun backyard games with the family.

The weather is cooling off, schedules are slowing down, and people are looking for fun, fall activities to do. Here are a few to get you started.


Pumpkin Bowling - Set up hale bays to create a bowling alley in your backyard, set up some pins (or use old soda bottles), bowl with a pumpkin instead of a bowling ball.

Touchdown Toss - It’s football season so why not head outside with family and friends to test out your own skills. You can make a simple football toss game with a tarp and some duct tape!

Pinecone Decor - This easy DIY project is perfect for Fall. You simply collect and then paint pinecones! Once they dry, you can place them in a vase, hang them from some twine in a collection, or turn them into a wreath.

Apple Candles - We love this creative idea that will make your house look and smell wonderful! Simply buy some apples, cut out a small hole in the top, and insert a small tea light candle. It continues to look beautiful as the wax drips down the edges of the apples as well.

Mini Caramel Apples - The best part of caramel apples is, of course, the caramel. Mini caramel apples are the way to get the best of both worlds in every bite! Simply use a melon baller to create little apple pieces, and then dip in caramel. This one is a great activity to do with children.

 For further instructions about these activities and for more fall-themed activities, visit us on Pinterest!


Of course, the downside to the season change is having to drag various items in and out of storage. For a lot of people this means that they have to go digging through the basement or attic to find the boxes where they threw all of the Fall decor last year. There are football themed platters, fake pumpkins, and roasting skewers somewhere; and once you find them, they are fun and festive to use!


Rather than paying to rent storage space or climbing through the attic, you can purchase a storage shed - like our Ranch style storage building - to house all of your seasonal items. It will allow you to stay organized and get to whatever you need, when you need it!


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