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5 Key Steps You Need When You're Ready to Buy a Storage Shed

by Dakota Storage Buildings, on September 15, 2022


With most hobbies, there is always a lot of equipment and supplies that come with the hobby – and gardening is no different. 

With gardening, countless tools are involved – there are rakes, hoes, seeds, pots, soil, and so much more. And with gardening, you need somewhere to store these tools and supplies because your back deck won’t cut it any longer. But where do you store this stuff? The answer is a pre-built shed. 

If you’re in the market for a storage solution for your gardening equipment, then you came to the right place! Below we outline the five steps you should take as you go through the buying process for prebuilt garden sheds. 

Step 1: Create a garden shed wish list 

Before you begin your search, you’ll want to have an idea of what type of shed you are looking for. Even  though pre-built sheds arrive in one piece, there are countless prefab garden sheds for you to choose  from. That means that you’ll need to think about what kind of roof, siding, doors, flooring, and style  you’ll want. 

Regarding the overall style of your shed, you can opt for a style that is rustic and simple, one that  resembles a cottage, one with fencing incorporated into the design, or even one that resembles a barn.  When it comes to roof options, you can elect for the standard gable style, the skillion style, which offers more space inside your shed without compromising roof height, the shed roof style for sheds that are against a taller wall or structure, the gambrel or high barn style which offers enough space usually for a storage loft, the flat roof style, or the hip style that uses four triangular planes. Next up is deciding what type of doors and siding you would love to have on your pre-built shed. Do you want single, double, or sliding doors? Do you want any entry steps or a ramp? Do you want the siding to be made from wood, metal,  or plastic? It’s good to decide on these features before shopping around. 

Step 2: Determine your storage plan 

Many sheds come equipped with storage features. To ensure you are getting the most features with your shed purchase, have an idea of how you are planning to store your garden items before purchasing.  Will you need hooks, metal tubs, bins, and/or baskets to hang and store your tools? If so, you can often customize prefab garden sheds before they are delivered, so it’s worth asking if this can be included (if it isn’t already) in whatever shed you decide on. 

Now that you have an idea of what you are looking for let’s move on to Step 3. 

Step 3: Determine where to place your shed 

Part of the shed buying process is scheduling a delivery. And to schedule the delivery, you’ll want to inform the company where you are planning to place your shed. And where you decide to place your shed will also impact the size of the pre-built shed you purchase. 

As you think about where to place your shed, consider how it will fit into the surrounding landscape. Do you want to incorporate it into some plants or greeneries, or do you want it up against your house?  Once you determine the location of your shed, then you’ll be able to visualize and plan for how large your shed can be.

Step 4: Prepare your delivery site 

Many towns have regulations for how close a shed can be placed next to a property line, your house, or something else on your property. If applicable, you’ll want to check with your local zoning department or HOA to ensure you won’t be given a fine for violating any of these laws. 

Next, you’ll want to set up any electricity, heating, cooling, water, septic, or other utilities you will need.  You’ll want to look at any buried water, gas, or electrical lines to avoid those as well. 

Step 5: Determine your budget and begin shopping 

Depending on the features on your wish list, and the type of pre-built shed you’d like to purchase, the pricing will vary. While sheds will range in price, most durable, pre-built sheds will cost about a few thousand dollars – it all depends on what you are looking for and how much the materials to build the shed cost. 

Many shed buyers prefer the pre-built options though, because once you pay the cost and the shed is delivered, you can immediately start using it. 

At Dakota Storage, we offer a wide range of shed options and styles to store however many gardening tools and supplies you need to store! 

Browse our collection of pre-built sheds for sale here or reach out to a member of Dakota Storage team with any questions to learn about your options for prefab garden sheds!

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