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Organize Your Space: 8 Must-Haves for a Great Backyard

by Dakota Storage Buildings, on October 11, 2016


If you enjoy outdoor living, here are ideas for making your backyard as comfortable, inviting, and useful as possible.

This post was last revised on July 24, 2018.

Summer is in full swing, but it's the fall items and autumn decorations that are getting the hard push. You can't go into a store without seeing pumpkin spice coffee, Halloween yard inflatables, vanilla spice candles, and insulated outerwear.

While stores are selling for the colder weather, now is the time to buy summer items at a steal. If you've been eyeing up some new patio lights or front porch rockers, now is your chance to snag a deal. 

As you shop for your summer savings, consider adding these eight must-have items to shopping list. 

Fire Pit

What backyard paradise is complete without a fire pit? Stay warm on cool evenings, roast marshmallows for smores, or simply enjoy its comforting ambiance.

Choose a DIY kit or preassembled unit. Most kits come with all the pieces needed to build your own outdoor fire pit. The Ashland Flagstone Fire Pit Patio Block Project Kit is an example of a highly-rated kit. For those who prefer little to no work, shop around for a one-piece, preassembled (usually portable) fire pit like the Sunnydaze Square Northern Galaxy Fire Pit.


When life is full of swing, maximize your down time with a yard hammock. Whether you prefer a traditional or modern style, the benefit is the same - relaxation. Regardless of style preference, most are durable and weather resistant. The Island Bay Northshore Large Rope Hammock, for instance, is an inexpensive, traditional option, while the Swing Bed Canopy offers a modern twist and an extra measure of comfort.

Outdoor Lighting

When you're outside with friends well into twilight, the best way to see your guests and to avoid tripping over things, spilling drinks, and stepping on the dog's tail is by having strategically placed outdoor lighting.

Sometimes a simple string of lights is the best solution. Using Patio Light Strings is an inexpensive way to get the job done. The cheapest solution is clear Christmas lights. Light strings can be wrapped around poles, lined around the perimeter of awnings, or pulled taut from one structure to another. Check out these Pinterest lighting ideas. However, for dependable coverage and professional appearance, weigh the benefits of installing deck or rail lighting.


The summer afternoon sun can be intense. Keep yourself and guests comfortable with thoughtfully planned shade. Utilize permanent or retractable awnings or outdoor umbrellas. Either way, you'll be glad for it. Many umbrella canopies are tear resistant and water repellent making them great investments. Options range from high-end angular umbrellas to traditional outdoor patio umbrellas.

Music & Entertainment

While music and entertainment are not a necessity, they are a bonus. Put on toe-tapping tunes while you're grilling or keep background music playing as guests talk and mingle. A pair of decent all-weather outdoor speakers can be purchased for less than $100. Take it a step further and set up an outdoor entertainment system. Some systems include a projector, screen, speakers, extension cords, and more. Outdoor movie night, anyone? 

Grill Station

If you love projects, this one is for you! Learn how to build a grilling station with an easy step-by-step guide from This Old House. If that's too much to conquer, shop around for just the right grill for your needs. Do you prefer electric, electric, charcoal, gas? Do you also need a smoker? A grilling station can be as simple a charcoal grill or as complex as a gourmet outdoor kitchenette.

Eating Area

Having a grill station is step #1; having an outdoor eatery is step #2. Every backyard needs a table. Tables are the centerpiece at which board games, stories, and delicious meals are enjoyed. It could be a bistro table for two, a patio table suitable for a dinner party, or a picnic table perfect for a barbecue.

Storage Building

Storage buildings are versatile and useful . . . and every backyard needs one. The question is, which one is right for you?

Our Ranch storage building is beautiful and practical. With its 5/12 pitch roofline, this building blends into any residential neighborhood. The high walls provide ample wall space to hang tools, mount shelves, or store supplies.

A porch sheds offer easy storage and additional convenience. This option is perfect for shade, protection from the elements, drying off, or stashing dirty boots. Use the porch to store easily accessible and weather-resistant items like a plastic shoe caddy, trash cans, umbrellas, brooms, shovels, and plants, herbs, and more.

Garage-style buildings are versatile and durable yet affordable. They offer the highest caliber of functionality and accessibility. Our garages come equipped with advanced-grade flooring, high-end roofing, Clopay Premium Series garage doors, and more.

Customize your ideal backyard shed, by using our online shed configurator.

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