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Attached vs. Detached Garages

by Dakota Storage Buildings, on July 31, 2015


Attached vs Detached Garages

There are many reasons for adding a garage to your property. Garages give you a safe space to store expensive belongings like cars, ATVs, and boats with room left over to store smaller items as well. Once you decide that you would like to incorporate a garage into your property, when buying a garage, the question often becomes, “Should we purchase an attached or detached garage?”

Advantages of Attached Garage

One of the clear advantages of having an attached garage is the convenience factor. Being able to park the car in the garage in the middle of a thunderstorm and then walk right into your home is a definite advantage.You can access whatever items you are storing in your garage without leaving your home, and it can feel like a useful extension of your home.

All garages need proper ventilation and many people like their garages to have electricity. These things are easier to incorporate when the garage is attached to the house. Detached garages also usually have these features; however, it may be more difficult and expensive to set them up.

Attached garages also preserve precious backyard space. Having an attached garage allows for more space in the backyard for children, pets, and beautiful landscaping.


Advantages of Detached Garage

Detached garages offer the benefit of putting them anywhere on your property. Adding an attached garage to the side of your house may not be an option for you, which of course makes this decision simple. Narrow lots can still use a detached garage in the backyard to have the advantages of extra storage.

Detached garages can also be a safer option for homeowners. Attached garages actually present a bigger security threat to you and your family because intruders can enter into your home easily through the garage. If someone breaks into your detached garage, they will have access to your high value items that are stored there; but that is minor compared to your family’s safety.

Also, if you have the choice, The American Lung Association recommends a detached garage over an attached garage to limit the homeowners exposure to carbon monoxide, gas, oil, or other potentially harmful fumes.

Permits for a detached garage and permits to add an addition onto a detached garage are easier to obtain than permits for attached garages. Many people choose to add living space or outdoor living space to their detached garages for everyday use or for entertaining purposes.

Since the utilization of attached vs detached garages is very similar, there is not really a wrong choice. It comes down to a matter of lot size and personal preference. You can see which types of Garage Packages we have to offer currently, and we’ll be happy to answer any questions that you may have. 

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